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Welcome to the 3D-Caste-Homepage!

3D-Caste is an outdoor 3D-Engine for Windows written in C/C++ using OpenGL.
I, Carsten Haubold, started working on this engine in 2002, and I think it'll take some more time until I can release a small game using this engine. Perhaps if someone would like to help me, I'd be faster (-;
I'll upload all my finished test-projects frequently, so all you other game developers out there can collect information...

Please let me know if you have suggestions, questions or or hints!
Here a list of the main features of my engine:
  • large heightmap terrain loaded from a TGA image
  • skybox
  • animated water texture
  • water reflections using GLSL shaders
  • 4x fullscreen antialiasing
  • md2-model loading
  • sound support
  • easy to use camera with mouse-look
I'm actually trying to add NewtonGameDynamics to my Engine, to realise realistic phsics.
Some demoprojects using Physics are aviable under 3D-Caste
Other topics I'm working on are GLSL shaders and bumpmapping.
All my projects and alpha releases of my Engine can be found in the 3D-Caste section


05/26/2006 - I'm back again and I joined the Nehe-Dev-Group which will update the content of nehe.gamedev.net
05/12/2006 - Homepage no longer under construction, but I'll be far away from home (Italy) for the next 2 weeks...
05/06/2006 - Website online - but still under construction